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The Roubaix has been one of our best bikes for the last 10 year serving a large part of our rider base. It may have been designed for pro racers flying over the famous cobbles of the Arenberg Forest but it translates perfectly for those of us that want all the performance PLUS a comfortable ride. The new Roubiax does just that with out any compromise. If you want to try one at this years Gambler ride send us a message through the website and we will try and make it happen for you! Lets see more on this bike from Specialized:

Lighter, smoother, faster—sure, you’ve heard it before, but all it takes is a few pedal strokes to realize the all-new Roubaix goes beyond the idea of “just an endurance bike”—it’s something bigger. We’ve redesigned the all-new Roubaix from the ground up to accelerate, climb, and provide a level of compliance that riders of all experience levels can instantly feel and appreciate. The result is a bike that disappears beneath you—allowing you to effortlessly pedal over the roughest roads, look forward to tackling the next hill, or crush the last half of your ride.

Our Roubaix was born from one of the most grueling and physically demanding races on the planet: the Paris-Roubaix and its ruthless cobbles. To develop the all-new Roubaix, we took what we learned from the previous generation and worked closely with our pro teams and everyday riders to refine the overall ride. We then focused on making the chassis lighter and more aerodynamic to bring you our fastest, most capable road bike yet. The most notable highlights include:

  • Future Shock 2.0: The new system uses an oil port to control rebound & damping and features a dial to adjust firmness on the fly.
  • Pavé Seatpost & Seatpost Clamp: The Pavé is the first compliant seatpost that is also aerodynamic. The drop-clamp design ensures rear compliance is perfectly balanced with the front end.
  • More Aero: Taking cues from the Venge, the all-new Roubaix uses FreeFoil tube shapes that make it more aero than the Tarmac SL6.
  • Beyond Gender Product Philosophy: Using Retul fit data from thousands of riders, the new Roubaix’s geometry is optimized to provide the ultimate riding experience for all riders, regardless of gender.

We’ve obsessed over making the all-new Roubaix a platform that will capture more riders than ever before and one that breaks expectations for how smooth a performance road bike can feel. We can’t wait to hear what your riders think after their first ride!