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Hello! So we have begun trying to get back to normal. We have opened our doors, a little bit and have gone to a normal schedule. 10-6 Mon-Sat and 1-4 Sun. We are allowing 2 people into the store at a time. We are still able to offer curb side service for those that are more comfortable with that but if you want to come in, you can. We are getting back on top of our repair back log and we are building new bikes each day to get our inventory back to normal levels. The last month has been bizarre but we are super excited that bikes are more a part of peoples lives! We hope we can help serve your better and better moving forward!



UPDATE  4/4/2

Greetings again from Georgia Cycle Sport, we wanted to update you on some changes here at the shop. Now that we are coming closer to the peak of the COVID19 virus and are probably in or very near the peak transmission period, we are adjusting our operations accordingly.

Starting immediately and for the next 2-4 weeks we will operate on a closed door, “curb-side” basis. When you get to the shop please call us for service. We will be able to take in repairs and we can bring a shiny new bicycle outside for you to check out, but unfortunately for now business will be conducted over the phone and outside. We will also shorten our hours slightly. We hate to inconvenience you this way but feel it is the safest way to be able to keep serving our community for the next couple weeks. If you need help outside of these hours please email info@georgiacyclesport.com

Thank you and stay safe!

Update 3/30/20

Georgia Cycle Sport friends and family,

I wanted to update you all that we are still open for business. While the Mayor and Commission closed all non-essential business’s in Athens Thursday night and bike shops were not listed specifically on the ordinance our Mayor and District Commissioner have advised us to continue to operate under item:

xvii. Airlines, taxis, and other private transportation providers providing transportation services necessary for Essential Activities and other purposes expressly authorized in this Order.

Our Mayor and Commissioner will meet with the City Attorney on Monday to make clarify but for now we are here to help.

In the interest of doing all we can to flatten the curve of the virus we have closed our showroom and suspended all sizing and fitting that requires personal contact. When you come in you will find our foyer is taped off. From there we can take your bikes in for repair or sell you anything you might need. We prefer however to conduct business over the phone whenever possible. You can also leave your bike outside the door for us to retrieve and communicate what you need and pay over the phone. Similarly, you can tell us when you are arriving, and we can leave your bike outside the front door for your pickup. If there are any further measures that help to make you feel more comfortable please don’t hesitate to let us know.


-We are offering free pick-up and delivery on all repairs

-We can ship all equipment orders over $50 for free and orders under that amount for a minimal shipping fee

-Bulky orders and orders over $100 can be delivered for free

Non-stock bike orders over the phone or on www.Specialized.com can be delivered to your door, typically in 4-7 business days. If you choose this option, we will reach out for information that will allow us to set the bike up for you to have a great ride. Once our sizing and fitting services resume you will then be able to follow up for a free hour session with a fitter or schedule a discounted Retul fit.

Unlike bicycles, we are currently unable to support parts and equipment purchased on www.specialized.com, but if you call or email us we can have these items drop shipped to you for free and still support the order.

In these uncomfortable times we have seen the bike be the answer for many. Parents have been bringing us bikes to repair because it has become part of the homeschooling experience and a replacement for recess. We have customers that use their bikes as a primary or secondary means of transportation, and we are here to support that as great isolation alternative to public transportation. Lastly many of you are enjoying your bicycle as exercise and stress release. Fortunately, we live in a great area to do that and it’s a beautiful time to be outside. Thank you for your understanding all these changes, lets hope they make the difference.

Best regards,

The crew at Georgia Cycle Sport