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We had the pleasure of building and fitting the new S-works Shiv last week and wanted to share a couple thoughts about the experience.

The bike came in the largest bike box we had ever seen, way bigger than an e-bike box. Part of the reason is that in the box is the custom travel case that came included with the bike. This bike was number 234 out of 500 world wide. 1 of 80 in the United States. The word from Specialized is that this bike is the most complicated bike to manufacture that they have ever produced and they needed a small run to figure out how to mass produce such a complicated build.

Opening the box it was quickly realized how much thought went into every detail of this bike. Everything fit where it was supposed to and the process is quite elegant. Specialized has definitely learned a lot from the previous Shiv and it would seem other bike brands super bikes and made them simpler. It retained the adjust-ability of the previous Shiv and the sleekness and aero of some of the more recent super bikes from other brands.

The disc brakes make so much sense. They stop sooo well and feel buttery smooth. I know, I know you already invested in carbon wheels that are rim brake, and you can debate if they are necessary all you want, but they simply work better and you should get them on your next bike.

The fit range of the bike is spectacular. So many options to get things exactly how you want it. For this rider the only significant change from his original Shiv is that he has more drop to the base bar than before.

Size XS S M L
Stack to Pads: lowest position 561 567 591 623
Stack to Pads: highest position 666 682 706 738
Reach to back of Pads: Short 340 360 380 400
Reach to back of Pads: Long 455 475 495 515
Stack – Frame 484 490 514 546
Reach – Frame 372 386 401 421

There seems to be a strong opinion of what the integrated hydration bottle looks like and how it effects the aesthetic of the bike but looks aside it flat out works. Way better than the original shiv did. I don’t mind the way it looks but the bike looks more “normal” with out it attached if you preferred. Whatever your opinion of the looks of the bike are the fit and finish of this bike are next level. We have built and fit most every bike out there and nothing compares to this one, There are no details yet (price, color, ect) but if the complicated production goes as planned we look to have a mass produced version of this late summer. Keep your ears posted for pre-orders.