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ANGi is an acronym for Angular and G-Force indicator. Several years ago Specialized bought a small electronic technology called Icedot that had developed a cool crash sensor for helmets that would notify your emergency contacts in the event of an impact. Specialized took this technology and ran with it making it smaller, cheaper and smarter.

The sensor works with the Specialized Ride App which is a pretty awesome piece of tech in of itself. You pair your helmet with the ride app and enter your emergency contacts and your pretty much ready to go. In the case of an accident the sensor triggers a countdown with an alarm on your phone and if you don’t stop the countdown before it gets to zero the app notifies your emergency contacts that you have had an accident and lets them know where you are. If the countdown starts and you are OK you can stop just the alert before the countdown gets to zero.

Another bonus is that ALL 2019 Specialized helmets over $40 will now come with Mips technology. Mips is a rotational damper inside the helmet that can limit damage in the case of an impact.


  • ANGi measures both linear and rotational forces
  • It requires a cell signal but if your riding in an area with no signal you can also set a ride time and if you haven’t completed the ride by the time you entered it will send an alert to your emergency contacts that you haven’t made it back by your expected time and a last known location.
  • ANGi uses a 2032 battery that last 6 months
  • The notification service is free for the first year and $29.99 for each year after that. You can connect as many helmets to your account as you would like.
  • Many of the new Specialized helmets come with ANGi for as little as $130. Specialized has said it’s only intended for their “ANGi ready” helmets but that said ANGi can be purchased as a stand alone unit for $50